Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More from the Kossacks: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/04/11/965994/-Waukesha-voting-irregularities-go-back-to-2004

As shown here, a recent poster is trying to say that in 2006, there were 17,000-20,000 more votes than ballots cast depending on which race you look at..

They show 156,804 ballots cast, with ~ 176,112 votes cast for governor.

176,112 - 156,804 leaves 19308 ballots unaccounted for.
5 ballots were provisional. 19303 to account for.

81 military absentee ballots returned. 19222

27 overseas absentee ballots returned. 19141

20,846 election day registrations. Now we have 1705 more voters than ballots.

1934 "late registration" puts us back to 229 ballots to account for.

Guess what. To get those 81 military and 27 overseas ballots (108), we sent out 269+68 = 337 ballots. 337 - 108 equals....wait for it... 229.

All accounted for.

Source: http://elections.state.wi.us/docview.asp?docid=11077&locid=47


  1. I've edited one word out from my original blog entry but left the rest intact. Apologies to anyone who took offense. My fault for not following my own rule of "Don't blog before you've had your coffee."

  2. The clerk says the extra votes were hand counted, and if you are defending her you must accept her explanation, right? . What makes you think there was a hand count of the ballots from every one of those voters who registered on election day? FYI-voters who are pre-registered and same day registered vote exactly the same way in Wisconsin, using the same ballot. There is no plausible reason for counting them in a different way. Your explanation is absurd.

  3. Well, clearly I was wrong with my analysis. I could've pulled the post down but that would be somewhat dishonest (and besides, it's been spread anyway)...so consider this a formal retraction - my above post is clearly not what happened. As I said, I should know better than to write before coffee.

    That said, I do not defend Ms. Nickolaus. I agree she is incompetent and should lose her job. Preferably by resigning, but by recall if necessary. She compromises trust in the system.

    I do, however, believe the vote count is accurate enough that I don't question the results, and am very confident it will stand up to inspection.

    Peace. Out.