Sunday, April 10, 2011

On other matters, as another blogger said, the Kossacks have made another series of errrors...

The theory goes that the found "7500" votes put Prosser past the threshhold for an "automatic, free recount."

That's 4 lies for the price of one.

1: The votes weren't "found" - they were counted in Brookfield on 4/5 and submitted to the county. You can verify this through the Brookfield Patch .

2: It wasn't 7500 votes, it was a swing of 7583 - there were over 10,000 votes represented, and Ms. Kloppenburg received some 3,000 of them.

3: Wisconsin doesn't have any provision for an "automatic recount".

4: When the difference in an election is < 0.5%, a recount is free to the candidate. From 0.5% to 2.0%, the candidate pays a fee of $5 per ward.

Those last 2 points come from WI's recount manual, available here.

The current total difference is STILL under the 0.5% threshold, and even if it weren' you really think $5 / ward is going to stop anyone from requesting a recount? With millions spent on the campaign, they wouldn't cough up another $18,000? (3630 wards * $5 = $18150)

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